Steel Full Height Ute Storage Shelves


Steel Full Height Ute Storage Shelves

Starting from $1350

Quoted price is for 1 shelf, (1 unit left or right)

This steel ute shelf storage solution is a practical ute storage solution for packing your ute cargo. Keep your cargo articles within reach and stored in your ute’s cargo tub with a set of twin storage shelves. Full cabin height design to maximise adjustable individual shelf sizes and heights


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Canopy Style

Additional Services Required

(Vehicles with hard tonneau cover or cab guard will attract extra charges)

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Full cabin height steel construction. The adjustable steel shelf heights ensure you can customise this ute shelf storage products to meet your specific requirements. The product’s height allows for seamless combination with other product for a total and complete storage solution. See details below.

Standard Product Features

  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Adjustable Shelf heights.
  • Available in variable lengths to suit your ute tub.

Available for various Tub lengths

  • Double Cab Short-Bed: 1.3m.
  • Double Cab Long-Bed:  1.5m.
  • Extra- Cab-Bed:  1.8m.

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