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Versatile ute Tray roller covers – Price from $3250

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The only roll top ute cover made in Australia, purposely designed and built to meet the Australian consumer needs, whether it be using ladder rack option to carry larger workloads, our Cross-bar option to further advance camping or recreational activities or even simply retaining the vehicles visuals by keeping sport bars or sailplanes.

The Electric Roll R Cover is Built by Australians, in Australia for Australians. The warranty on our units is 2 years, double any manual system on the market.

Easy to use Remote

The Roll R Cover remote allows you to open, close and pause the roll top in any position. It is a fantastic alternative to the tradition manual lock as it requires no effort to operate the unit and can be controlled from far distances. The remote also has a button to operate the built-in led light in the Roll R Cover. Too easy right!?

Sports Bar Compatible

This product boasts an advanced Side rail design which allows the unit to handle many additional products. The Roll R Cover has the ability to maintain factory roll bars by having pre-mapped insertion points. This unlike most roll tops on the market does not increase the height of the sport bar, giving a more aesthetic and natural look.

Ladder Rack Compatible

It gets better, our roller top is also ladder rack compatible! Using our custom load rack system, this allows the user to have a full or half ladder rack system with an industry leading weight rating. The Roll R Cover is also compatible with Rhino and Front Runner cross bars. This allows the user to carry bikes or recreational gear with complete ease.

Advanced Water Security

It’s not just pretty its secure. The Roll R Cover has a vast array of features to help enhance water security.  The Roller Top Cover provides double the drainage power with an industry best of 4 point water drainage system. Our Roll R Covers are the only system on the market with a full gutter on the side rail, to help navigate any water into the drainage points. These two features coupled with advanced Z seals, interlocking extrusions, and compression seals make the roll top a clear winner when it comes to water security.

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