Aluminium Half-Slide Single Drawers


Aluminium Drawer

4×4 ute drawer storage can’t get any easier. Conveniently store your cargo under lock and key with this product. Keep your valuables neatly stored and securely locked out of sight. The 4×4 ute drawer’s flat top allows for a temporary work area and appendage of additional products to make the most of your 4×4 ute storage space. See our combos and deals for more info

Aluminium Slide

Low sitting slide placed at just 100mm above your 4×4 ute floor, this device allows for larger articles to be stored away and accessed with ease and convenience. It is compatible with all major ute manufacture brands. Select options to customise this product to suit your application

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Half Aluminium Drawer

The 4×4 ute drawer rests on rollers to simplify operating the sliding drawer. Extra storage and temporary work areas are available on the drawer’s fixed top. This also allows for additional components to be appended as seen in our combos and deals. Ute Drawer is lockable to keep items out of sight and safe.

Choose from 250 or 400mm height drawer.

Half Slide

A multipurpose feature that allows you to leverage the low position to attach large cargo that you may need to access quickly and easily. The roller tray sits 100mm above your 4×4 ute floor bed. It comes in handy for attaching items such as your car fridges, compressors or large articles like gas bottles. Get creative and customize this to your specific requirements.

we can provide you with installation instructions for DIY or contact us for installation pricing.

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