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Delux Sport Mistubishi triton CanopyDelux Sport Mistubishi triton Canopy

Mitsubishi Triton Canopy | Delux 4×4 Sport Canopy | Triton Fibreglass Canopy

Triton Ute Canopy

Prices from $2500

Sporty accents and curves to complement your 4×4 Ute while enhancing your storage capability. Delux 4×4 Sport fibreglass Canopies are robust and hand molded with a large feature set and standard inclusions.

See how it looks on some of the best Ute Brands in Perth, Western Australia

For the Mitsubishi Triton drivers out there, this Triton canopy is compatible with our other 4×4 ute storage systems that include drawers, tray slides & Shelves!. Browse on-line now and secure a cashback deal when you combine a Mitsubishi canopy with other products today!